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Today’s industrial companies strive to remain competitive in the marketplace and react to new opportunities. Long term success of these operations depends upon their ability to respond to market changes that might require new capital improvements or the enhancement of existing facilities.

ECI has been providing engineering services to industrial clients since 1985. Over the course of these years, ECI has won the confidence of many repeat industrial clients with our commitment to long-term client support and our ability to offer a broad range of industrial engineering electrical, civil and structural services. Many projects are unique to a particular facility, while others share similarities that are based on standards published by NEMA, ANSI, API, OSHA, NFPA, and others.  The types of industrial projects that ECI has completed are as varied as the clients themselves, which include power generation, petrochemical, mining, milling and smelting, pipelines and terminals, and water pumping/wastewater treatment facilities. ECI’s Industrial Systems staff has in excess of twenty years of experience in the design of a wide range of industrial power systems through 69 kV. ECI utilizes the latest in software and technology for industrial power systems, control systems, instrumentation, plant automation, and communications. Additionally, ECI maintains strategic alliances with numerous engineering firms that may be required on certain projects that involve special requirements or knowledge outside of ECI’s scope of industrial and utility systems design. ECI’s strong relationship with our alliance partners allows us to supply complete, multi-disciplined design services that yield key benefits to our clients.

ECI remains dedicated to maintaining a high level of technical knowledge and commitment in providing our customers the most functional solutions that result in lower installed cost, improved safety, and long term operational satisfaction.