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ECI personnel are intimately familiar with the requirements for system planning studies for utility and industrial power systems. Our clients range from small rural utilities to large multi-state generation and transmission entities and independent power producers. Our planning philosophy is predicated on evaluating all prime alternatives with emphasis on system efficiency and economical system design. The scope of our past studies has included utility system planning for two, three or four year construction periods, intermediate and long range planning, system operating problems, and specific studies to support projects with voltages ranging from 480V to 500 kV. ECI’s studies provide comprehensive services necessary to insure a complete, accurate and usable system plan.  ECI has also prepared numerous regional studies for systems and integrators to determine impacts of new generation, growing loads or system improvements required to meet contractual demands while improving system reliability.

Our studies are developed using the most current tools and software available to insure the in-depth engineering and analysis required for your company’s electrical system evaluation. Our experience in protective coordination is equally varied, including highly complex transmission line relaying and isolated generation systems, distribution protective coordination studies and modeling a wide variety of specialized relay applications. ECI’s planning staff also is adept at providing insulation coordination and arrester studies. We have the required knowledge and experience in the preparation of studies relating to wind energy, mining, petrochemical, pulp & paper plants as well as other industrial company applications. Our in-depth industrial studies include large plant load flow analysis, system loss studies, motor starting impacts and technologies, harmonics analysis and power quality, feasibility studies for industrial project development, evaluation of operating configurations as well as cyclic load effects associated with mining draglines and shovels.

ECI has prepared numerous interconnect studies from small distributed generation to large wind and solar farms that are hundreds of MW in size. Additionally, ECI has significant insight and experience in preparing evaluations for competitive power supply and it’s impact on rates, wheeling and NUG/IPP interconnections.