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Rural Utility Services

Electric Municipals, Public Utility Districts and Cooperatives share one guiding principle: the delivery of a reliable and constant supply of electric energy to it’s consumers at the lowest possible cost. In today’s energy environment, electric utilities face many challenges in providing safe, efficient and dependable electric power while managing their internal needs and controlling operational costs.

At ECI, we recognize these challenges. ECI has built an extensive resume of service to electric municipals, public utility districts and cooperatives throughout the U.S. ECI’s highly experienced staff of professional engineers, designers, technicians and support personnel offer a wide range of engineering services in substation design, transmission/distribution, electrical system studies, system protection, communications and technical services. These servcies are provided utilizing the latest in industry technology and standards together with the most current technical tools and software available.

ECI strives to maintain a reputation of quality and service in providing our clients with the most cost efficient engineering solutions available. ECI’s unique project approach together with our highly trained staff, assures your company of prompt and complete services that result in lower installed cost of facilities, which are provided on schedule and under budget.

Experienced in Rural Utilities Services
- 100 New Line Extensions
- 200 New Tie Lines
- 300 Conversions and Line Changes - 400 New Substations
- 500 Substation Changes
- 600 Miscellaneous Distribution Equipment
- 601 Transformers & Meters
- 602 Service Capacity Increases
- 603 Sectionalizing Equipment
- 604 Voltage Regulators
- 605 Capacitors
- 606 Ordering Replacements
- 607 URD Replacements
- 608 AMR
- 609 Switchgear Replacement
- 700 Other Distribution Items
- 702 Security Lights
- 704 SCADA