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Utilities need competent services from their engineering consulting partner to locate, design, procure and construct facilities that are safe, reliable and economical while satisfying public and environmental concerns. ECI ranks among the largest of U.S. firms specializing in Transmission & Distribution engineering services other than power generation. Our engineering staff has designed hundreds of miles of overhead transmission lines for a variety of energy clients including investor owned utilities, public utilities, municipalities and rural cooperatives. ECI provides transmission and distribution services for new installations, upgrading of existing facilities, reconductoring and line re-rating. Our whole-team approach to T&D design ensures our clients the utmost in design efficiency and compatability with the utilization of our in-house staff of licensed surveyors and environmental services group. This unique approach provides design integrity with related services performed in a responsive and cost effective manner which results in the lowest project cost to the owner.

ECI’s project design execution utilizes the latest in technical tools together with computer automated programs for the generation of conductor and line design, structure modeling and spotting and detailed drawing development. Additional design software for galloping analysis and structural loading is also used providing our T&D engineers a thorough technical line design procedure that assures that excessive safety factors are avoided resulting in the lowest cost facility for the client which meet site conditions and utility needs.

Let ECI’s experienced and capable staff take your next T&D project from the drawing board to energization using environmentally sound, cost-effective and creative solutions.