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ECI provides Wind Energy Developers with a complete portfolio of cradle to grave services for project development involving the following project support functions.

Electric Feasibility Support
ECI supports Wind Industry through development of conceptual One-Line Diagrams and General Layouts for projects as a basis for economic evaluation and financing. Additional support is provided through budgetary cost estimates for our EPC Services Company function as the prime electrical contractor for generation projects.

Queue Applications and Interconnection Agreements
ECI can assist Wind Energy Developers with evaluation of the best strategy to achieve needed system transmission and generation queue applications. We regularly provide guidance in the negotiation of large and small Generation Interconnection Agreements. Our superior experience and expertise avoids unnecessary costs for ECI's clients through defensible utility grade studies and negotiation of reasonable requirements for flicker, low voltage ride through and dynamic var support.

Interconnection Studies
ECI's extensive resume of past utility studies that have been accepted by IOU utilities, Western Area Power, Bonneville Power and electric cooperatives ensures that Wind Energy Developers will not be burdened with inappropriate or excessive transmission interconnect charges. In one unique example, ECI's services reduced the cost of interconnection for our client by over $61M.

Alliance Approach
ECI's success is built upon strategic alliance relationships with Wind Energy Companies and world-wide Electric T&D manufactuers. ECI is also interested in opportunities to participate as an alliance partner with the firms seeking outside investment and ownership.